Master Manual

Master Manual

Harmontown's "Dungeon Master to the Stars" Spencer Crittenden and game designer Cohen Edenfield discuss the finer points of leading a role-playing session in this surprisingly accessible advice show.

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    Fury Road Minisode Part 2!

    The boys are back on the road in this rolling ramble, classic and almost entirely full sized minisode.

    Sponsored by O’Houlihan’s Bag of Sand

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    Show And Tell!

    Spencer struggles to keep the lights on for this Show And Tell Episode!

    Sponsored by Emerald Knights Emerald Body Armor. Sponsored by Dragon Balm Z. Sponsored by Dragon Milk. Sponsored by Gut Rock Parasites. Sponsored by Pexus the Muscle Mage's Book Brand Books. Now with Pages!

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    Fury Road Minisode: Campaign Report

    Cohen talks about his dnd game following the issues discussed in our season finale in this uplifting between-seasons fury road minisode.

    Sponsored by Hercule’s Magic Bat.

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    Special Edition Interview with Dungeon Master Ross

    Spencer Sneaks off Once more for a Secret Session with a Starburns Story Teller, Ross Clark! They talk about Campaign Prep, hot takes, and Alternate some Doppelgangers in this Special Episode!

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    Season 2 Finale Part 2! The Sly Flourish

    The Masters Manual defeat Kezzereck, meet up with Pexus, summon a Modron, talk Yeth Hounds, and recline in O'Houlihan the Living Pub as they chat about the weird and uncomfortable parts about being a DM in this very special burnout and work-life balance focused episode.

    Sponsored by Pexus the Muscle Mage's Book Brand Books. Now with Pages!

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    Season 2 Finale Part 1! Double Lycanthropy

    It's the Season 2 Finale! Part ONE! Meaning the Boys are back in town with some Q's and some A's for your D's and your D's. Strap in, folks.

    Sponsored by Kezzereck's iErase Markers

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    A Fantastic Vorage

    The Masters Manual Kick it into Automatic as they head out once more onto Fury Road! Can Printing Presses Manufacture Spell Scrolls? How can villains be more scary? How can we make a T Rex into an AMLimal? And how is Kingdom Hearts 3? Find out Now, on Master, Man-Well.

    Sponsored by Sand Worm Spray

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    That's a Dicy Meatball

    The boys are back for another rainy day Saturday Catch Up, discussing when to roll for what, how to balance made up monsters, and turn rain into an amlimal! You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.

    Sponsored by The Doobie Brothers' Dusty Brush

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    Blastin' Asses For the Masses (Master Manual: Fury Road)

    The Masters Manual hit the road on a crazy and dangerous traveling road show of an episode! What is Emerald Knight? What's a Flaming Skull? What's going on? All will be revealed inside. Plus, stay tuned for a super secret bonus track after the end theme. It's Spencer singing poorly.

    Sponsored by Emerald Knight Body Armor

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    Canned Punch

    The Masters Manual talk about Star Trek some more, and brainstorm how a swarm of rats could be something different than that. What to do when retiring an old PC to DM a campaign? Find out now, on Master Manu-L!

    Sponsored by Tivo*

    *just to be clear these are all jokes

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    The Masters Manual are back on a cheerful Chuesday evening to talk playing DnD with kids, getting high in character, as well as Keyforge, a new card game! How will they alternate Displacer Beasts? What's a Dreamfruit Tree? All will be revealed! At the very least, some.

    Sponsored by The Brand Wizard

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    Portal Potty

    The boys are running late and record a weekendisode covering Mimics, Mage Movements, Metal Slug and more! Find out how to run modules that your players have done before and how to avoid spectacle creep in this mad morningtide morass!

    Sponsored by Portal Potty, the Toilet of Tomorrow

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    The Hobbit of Holiday Cheer

    The boys seem to think it's Christmas as they talk Cthulhu, Red Dead Redemption, and Desert Eternals in this very special New Years Episode. What's a Wood Woad, and who are the Enlightenmen? Find out!

    Sponsored by Billson's Beetle Bottles

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    Zeno's Parasocks

    The Masters Manual are sick and sloppy but struggle through all the same as they discuss splitting the party, one-trick ponies, and Super Smash Bros, in this, a very Mastery Christmas.

    Sponsored by Blood Batteries

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    Hell Dwarves

    What do champagne elementals, hell dwarves, and Vector Man all have in common? They're all discussed in this episode. Yeah, I don't blame you for being disappointed, it's kinda a cop-out answer. They're also all motile, and capable of death. That do anything for you?

    Sponsored by Tomina’s Iron-on Explosive Glyphs and Runes

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    Stancho Polaris

    Cohen and Spencer discuss their recent happenings and blast into more Season 2 goodness as they try to turn Mario Kart into a dungeon and riff more fantasy stuff.

    Sponsored by Grapes of Wrath (From the Makers of Goodberry)

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    The Masters Manual are back in the Studio for another Bone-Flickin' Season of Fantasy Make-em-ups. Check out a fresh new take on Goblins involving potatoes and electricity.

    Sponsored by SpellBrain's Summoning Strings

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    Season 1 Finale Part 2: Scry Bother

    It's the end of Season 1 and the Mans are kicking it off with a 2 part Season Finale! In Part 2 they do all the fun bits and test out a couple new ones too! Check out Part 1 for all the question answering fun and more!

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    Season 1 Finale Part 1: Load-Bearing Gods

    It's the end of Season 1 and the boys are kicking it off with a 2 part Season Finale! In Part 1 they catch up on answering questions and play Helga Cruciform! Check out Part 2 for all the segments and more!

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    No Dice

    It turns out there aren't any dice but the boys shake, ramble and roll as they discuss Alternate Gelatinous Cubes and the controversial DM-PC.

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    Cheadley Wheaps

    The Manual Masters talk Octopath Traveler some more, argue about Naruto and come up with ways to make NPCs "stick" in this Gruffin Tumble adventure.

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    O'Houlihan The Living Pub

    The boys break format to dig in deep to some questions and discover the wonders of O'Houlihan the Living Pub.

    Sponsored by O'Houlihan's Cast Ointment.

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    The Wurm That Has Always Been

    This one is fine? Spencer tries to help Cohen come up with an idea for his campaign. Loot is Tabled and Brutes are Fabled, and Purple Worms are Altered, One of DnD's biggest (literally) monsters, made even bigger? Find out how!

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    The Scrubble

    Octopath Traveler fever is sweeping the podcast! Cohen takes on the listeners in Helga Cruciform Vs. The Mob. Learn about the Scrubble, the Kill Seeker, and an Alternate Dragon Birth that isn't Dragon Eggs.

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    Grieva The Relentless

    Mastery has never been this manual! We're talking nonsense, pitting Helga Cruciform against The Machine, helping out and riffing down. Learn all about Space Squids!

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    Pexus the Muscle Mage

    Cohen and Spencer are high on audience reaction! Magic chat, competitive name riffing, some magical gear and a crazy new take on man's original foe: Trees.

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    Fail Mail

    Name riffs, Loot Table with some Fail Mail, sordid tales, and more! What the heck is a Knuckle Lord and what does it have to do with phylacteries? Find out now on Master Manual!

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    Take That, Convention!

    Possibly the most self-hating episode in our run! Endure it! We talk about character creation for beginners, introduce a brand new segment called Loot Table Or Brute Fable, and attempt to Alternate Lore up some Merfolk as this epic adventure continues!

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    Helga Cruciform

    Back in the saddle! Mixing up the format, starting with the Nameless Naming Segment and doing it right by giving her a name! Talking rules lawyers, individual limits, fresh starts as well as BearOwls! We're in it now!

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    Mummy Mystery

    Cohen and Spencer are at it again! Tackling the tough questions, riffing some wild names, and brainstorming Alternate Mummy Lore! We seem to be getting better at this!

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    Boardwalk Vampire

    The Inaugural episode of Master Manual. Spencer and Cohen answer questions and riff up a fresh new take on Vampires. We get better at this, I promise.

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