Master Manual

Master Manual

Harmontown's "Dungeon Master to the Stars" Spencer Crittenden and game designer Cohen Edenfield discuss the finer points of leading a role-playing session in this surprisingly accessible advice show.

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    Portal Potty

    The boys are running late and record a weekendisode covering Mimics, Mage Movements, Metal Slug and more! Find out how to run modules that your players have done before and how to avoid spectacle creep in this mad morningtide morass!

    Sponsored by Portal Potty, the Toilet of Tomorrow

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    The Hobbit of Holiday Cheer

    The boys seem to think it's Christmas as they talk Cthulhu, Red Dead Redemption, and Desert Eternals in this very special New Years Episode. What's a Wood Woad, and who are the Enlightenmen? Find out!

    Sponsored by Billson's Beetle Bottles

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    Zeno's Parasocks

    The Masters Manual are sick and sloppy but struggle through all the same as they discuss splitting the party, one-trick ponies, and Super Smash Bros, in this, a very Mastery Christmas.

    Sponsored by Blood Batteries

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    Hell Dwarves

    What do champagne elementals, hell dwarves, and Vector Man all have in common? They're all discussed in this episode. Yeah, I don't blame you for being disappointed, it's kinda a cop-out answer. They're also all motile, and capable of death. That do anything for you?

    Sponsored by Tomina’s Iron-on Explosive Glyphs and Runes

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    Stancho Polaris

    Cohen and Spencer discuss their recent happenings and blast into more Season 2 goodness as they try to turn Mario Kart into a dungeon and riff more fantasy stuff.

    Sponsored by Grapes of Wrath (From the Makers of Goodberry)

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    The Masters Manual are back in the Studio for another Bone-Flickin' Season of Fantasy Make-em-ups. Check out a fresh new take on Goblins involving potatoes and electricity.

    Sponsored by SpellBrain's Summoning Strings

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    Season 1 Finale Part 2: Scry Bother

    It's the end of Season 1 and the Mans are kicking it off with a 2 part Season Finale! In Part 2 they do all the fun bits and test out a couple new ones too! Check out Part 1 for all the question answering fun and more!

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    Season 1 Finale Part 1: Load-Bearing Gods

    It's the end of Season 1 and the boys are kicking it off with a 2 part Season Finale! In Part 1 they catch up on answering questions and play Helga Cruciform! Check out Part 2 for all the segments and more!

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